5 Tips From a Wedding Hairstylist

In her gorgeous shop and styling room in Flemington, with a cup of tea and sweet treats, I had a chat with, Rebecca Paris, The Girl In The Green Scarf. She gave me these hot tips on finding your perfect wedding hairstylist and make up artist.

With 23 years experience as a hairdresser,  and 18 years as a make up artist, I’d say she’s about as qualified as they come! On top of that, Rebecca has recently returned from a course in the UK at Vintage Hair Lounge, where she was perfecting her techniques for vintage styles. So I sat with eager ears taking in everything Rebecca had to tell me.

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1. Do Your Research

Once you have gorged yourself on pinterest and have an idea of your wedding style, you need to translate that to vendors who can help realise your dreams. Recommendations are always a great place to start, but you need to make sure the vendors you choose can do what you want. If you can see yourself in the images presented on a stylist’s website you are starting on the right foot.

Rebecca describes her style as vintage inspired glamour with modern notes. Soft, feminine styling. And this shows in her work and her gorgeous styling suite.

2. Book a Trial Session

A trial with your stylist is the best wedding budget money you will ever spend! This is your opportunity to ensure the stylist will produce a look that you love. Rebecca likes to get to know her brides and help funnel all of their style ideas into the look that will make them the most glamorous versions of themselves. She’ll ask you to show her images of your dress to discuss the neckline and hairstyles. She’ll talk you through the pros and cons of having your hair up or down (and how much it can change – especially if you are on a windy beach!)

Rebecca provides High Tea for you and your bridesmaids for your trial, which makes for a lovely outing for all of the girls. While the trial is for the bride only, it’s a good idea to have your bridal party (or some friends) with you at the trial to offer support, opinions and ask questions you might forget.

Having a trial around three months before the wedding ensures your vision for the wedding will be pretty concrete. If you have a trial and you are not happy with the outcome, return to step one and research again before having a trial elsewhere.




3. Ask Questions

The trial is the perfect opportunity to ask questions. And ask as many as you need to. Here are a few things you need to know – so be sure to ask your stylist

How much time to allow per person – Rebecca recommends an hour for hair, 45 mins for make up per person. The Bride is second last to be made up. so there is no stress or rush. She aims to be finished two hours prior to the ceremony

How to keep make up on – The benefit of having your make up done by a professional is that it will last you well throughout the day. You’ll need to touch up some elements of your make up as the day plays out, such as lipstick and powder.  Rebecca will discuss colours at the trial and advise you on what to have on you for the day. She’s also just launched her very own range of lipstick called Love and Sugar (so if you’ve forgotten she can sort you out on the spot!)


4. Ask For What You Want

Don’t be afraid to ask at the trial session for what you want. If you’re not happy with any element, this is your chance to get it right. The same goes on the wedding day. On the day, Rebecca check in with bride trough each of the hair steps to ensure everyone’s happy before completing it. If the bride feels like herself she will glow and relax.


5. Preparation

Alongside a trial and knowing your stylist is right for you, a little pre-wedding preparation will go a long way to making you look and feel AMAZING on the day.

Rebecca gives her brides a preparation guide and shopping list prior to the wedding. With tips such as using a clarifying shampoo in the lead up to the wedding, when the optimum time is to have other beauty treatments done (hair colouring/facials etc).

She also helps you on the day keeping those tears and nerves away with breathing techniques and the calm in her styling suite. Your Stylists act as a time keeper of sorts ensuring you are all made up and ready to rumble on time.





The Girl In The Green Scarf is a cute as a button shop and styling room in Flemington. You should most definitely pop in and say Hi!



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