Wedding Flowers – where do I start?

The team at North St Botanical have a combined experience of over 35 years of floristry. Let’s just say these cats know their floral shiz! I caught up with Emily Bradbury, the Canadian bombshell and creative backbone at North St, to find out what you need to know to make sure your wedding flowers are the best.


With 10 years floristry experience under her belt, and 5 years of marriage, Emily is in the know about all things wedding and loves her job. She gets to be around an ever changing array of flowers as colours and textures change with the seasons.  And she gets to work with her favourite people. Emily’s husband Craig works in the business and builds the larger pieces and fit outs, and puppy Phoenix acts as chief security guard (well, if you’re anything like me you will simply fall in love with him and spend all of your time in the shop mooning over him).



Craig’s office is a pretty awesome place to work!



Here’s the top 5 things I took away from out catch up.

1. Choosing your florist

Once you have found a few florists, make a point to go and meet them. Make an appointment to chat with the wedding specialist within the florist so you can have an uninterrupted chat with them about your requirements.

Take along visual references of flowers that you like as well as the essential information about your big day. Going into their shop and meeting the florists will give you a vibe as to whether you are on the same creative page.





What’s that? Oh, just a gold award from the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show.


2. Know your details

The more information you can take to your florist when you meet the more they will be able to accurately advise and quote.  Important info such as the date and location of your wedding, the style of your dress, the number of guests, and the size of your bridal party is all super useful.

Flowers are seasonal so the first thing you need to tell the florist is when your wedding is. If all of your ideas revolve around a particular flower but you’re getting married in the wrong season, the florist will be able to recommend the best alternatives or perhaps something even better.





3. Budget

People often underestimate the costs involved for flowers. As well as the cost of the flowers themselves, there is a lot of time spent creating arrangements, as well as delivery, set up and pack down costs.

The florist will talk you through each of the parts of a wedding were flowers play a role. As well as bouquets and buttonholes, you can have floral arrangements at the church, the reception venue, on your cake, in your hair and a few of my favourite trends – floral archways at the altar or gorgeous floral installations hanging above your reception tables.

For the budget conscious I’d like to offer you this piece of advice; it’s often a false economy trying to save money by sorting out delivery and set up yourself. Everything gets quite hectic the day before a wedding and emotions run high. Deliveries and set up take longer than you think and I’ve seen many a teary bride/mother of the bride/confused brother of the bride holding boxes of flowers at a venue the morning of the wedding. Having someone else do it will be money very well spent – and you won’t even notice it all happening as you’ll be somewhere sipping on champagne. As it should be.



4. Style

Undoubtedly you will have a vision of what your big day will look like. Being able to show the florist the styles you like, the type of dress you are wearing, how you might want to wear your hair will all help the florist to create that vision you have in mind. And trust their creative instincts too. Working with great vendors and allowing them some creative freedom will mean they will create your vision AND MORE.




5. Florist’s advice

And on the note of trusting your florist’s creative instincts you should also take your florists advice! They work on countless weddings each year, and generally have seen it all. Seasonal flowers, style advice, flowers that will and won’t last the day/heat/bouquet toss, how to care for the flowers through out the day,  as well as recommending other fabulous wedding vendors. Its all gathered from experience and well worth listening to.

Not only does Emily have all of the floral knowledge and advice you could ever want, she has first hand experience of being a bride. Her biggest piece of advice to brides is to delegate! The last thing you want to be doing the night before your wedding is sitting at a venue with a hot glue gun constructing a centre piece/decoration/table setting list etc. You should be with your loved ones drinking champagne!

So go check out North St Botanical to discuss your wedding flowers. They’re super helpful, creative and wonderful folks to hang out with. And there’s a puppy.








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