Wedding Decision Fatigue and Dealing with Plus Ones


I have Wedding Decision Fatigue (WDF).  There is soooooo much to think about and so many decisions to be made. I’m already at a point where I want to throw it all in and elope. WDF has hit me hard. And I’ve been super busy with work. How does anyone organise a wedding when they have a job? So here is an update on where I’m at, how I’m dealing with WDF and the dreaded PLUS ONE requests.

Wedding Decision Fatigue

I’m currently overwhelmed by the amount of things that have to happen to get a wedding planned. And I LOVE organising things. How can this be? I feel like there is a mountain of decisions in front of me and I don’t know what to do!

Then I remembered this expression

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time

Even though the mountain of decisions is still there, I realised that many have to happen chronologically. In fact, so many of the decisions hinge on the venue. To confirm a venue I need to have a better idea of guest numbers, so first of all pin down the guests.

Guest List Numbers

I’ve emailed, Facebooked, text messaged out to the International and interstate guests to gauge who would make it to my wedding. Travelling interstate or overseas for a friend’s wedding is a big investment of both time and money. Being one of the last in my group of peers to get married, it’s safe to say the majority of my friends now have kids. An airfare and holiday for one is hard enough, now multiply that by 4. I sent a preliminary email a “Save-The-Save-The-Date” if you will. Gone are the days of singledom and child free shenanigans. But, while we have so many ways to communicate with one another these days, we seem to have so many ways to ignore etiquette!

So I’m taking a punt on my numbers at the moment.

Plus Ones

As I said earlier most of my friends and family are already partnered up but there are a few folk out there dating. I’m going to sound like a three year old having a tantrum, but I was asked by someone if they could bring their partner. It has bugged me so much. More than I thought it would (even though I’ve done this to other friends!). And I’ve stewed on it for quite some time. Part of the problem I had with it was it was MORE money to spend. Part of the problem I had with it was that I just don’t want that person at my party.

Then I had to remind myself of what I see at all weddings and parties. The hosts spend such short amounts of time with all of their guests its really not going to matter. So as long as I can find ways to budget for these folks to be at the party, they’re in. I will barely see them and I’d rather keep the folks I know and love happy too. I’m pretty sure this will come up again when discussing children at the wedding – but more on that as it unfolds.

Right – off to pin down venues!

And if you’re totally confused by this post, head to the start of my adventure to see what I’m up to.

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