Wedding 101- A new series

What is Wedding 101? I often get asked questions by newly engaged couples about their weddings that make me think, “Why are you asking me? It’s YOUR wedding”. Then I stop and realise, most people don’t go to as many weddings as I do. I’m not saying I’m an expert by any means, and I can’t talk to you about my own wedding, I remain unmarried, but I can impart to you some knowledge.

I am asked some things over and over, so I will address these questions as well as bending the ear of some of the finest wedding suppliers I know. And if there is something you are not sure of, ask me. I’ll find out! Really it will be my ranting opinions on stuff that happens at weddings with some outside expert advice thrown in. I’m working on some great “How To” articles and PDFs, which over time will create a complete Wedding 101 resource for you all.

And of course, you should jump on over to my page of featured weddings if you are looking for a Wedding Photographer Melbourne.



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