This is Me – A Melbourne Photographer

Melbourne Photographer

Hi. This is me. A Melbourne Photographer.  I know – you’ve seen me before. There are lots of us.  But I don’t think you’ve really seen me before. I’m not saying that you haven’t been paying attention, more that I haven’t been telling you everything.

I’ve always tried to present myself to people in the way in which I thought they wanted. I’d let bits of my personality sneak out as I felt comfortable. But now I’m going to let it all out. I know this will mean I’ll rub some people the wrong way. But that’s ok, I know I can’t make everyone happy. I am not, after all, a jar of Nutella.

But I will be me. 100% me. So what does that look like? Sometimes our notion of ourselves is not what others see, so I asked my nearest and dearest what people first notice about me and what I’m good at. This is a summary of their responses;

The first thing people notice about me: Witty, big smile, even bigger laugh, glasses, you’re taking photos with a camera you’ve knitted, great style.

What I’m good at:“You are extremely good at activities, and, if I may be serious for a moment, you are good at bringing people together”, “Friendly and up for anything. Great to talk to!”, “You make shit and make shit happen”, “Laughing at any fart joke.”, “The fart jokes deffo.”

Naaaw thanks friends!

So yeah, I laugh loudly, am interested in people I meet and really enjoy bringing them together. I can be a bit of a swear bear –  mostly in an enthusiastic positive way (and I have a filter!) I begrudgingly wear make up, then feel awesome when I do. I love sparkly things, tap shoes, ukuleles, Muppets, starting yet ANOTHER crafty project that will remain unfinished in the corner. And of course, my cat Murray.

And yeah. I laugh at fart jokes. A lot.

Thanks to Jerome Cole for taking this picture of me, in my flat with my things and making me feel a whole lot less awkward. This is me, and this year I will fearlessly shine on!



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