The Wedding Budget

I’ve started using the app Wedding Happy and so far it’s proving to be fab. It has a whole bunch of wedding tasks listed in a pretty darn logical fashion, and it tells you what to start working on next. As I was putting this post together it said “Hey!  Determine your budget!” or something like that.

So here I go. But, this is a hard one for a fantasy wedding! What is my budget? Whatever I want it to be I guess. But figuring out the wedding budget depends on a lot of factors. How many people do I want to be there? What sort of food do I want to serve? How many of the whistles and the bells do I really want? What are the most important aspects of a wedding to me?

According to this article, the rough average cost of a wedding in Australia is $40,000. WOAH! I don’t know why that surprises me, I’m a wedding photographer (and I know how much I charge!).


But as this is all kinda made up, I’m going to plan to keep the budget as low as possible. Can it be done for under $15,000? Under $10k is my official budget and I’m going to try to keep it tight. I’ll offer up “If money was no object” options, but I’d like to keep it low. I asked my friends via Facebook a few questions about their wedding budgets and received some interesting results. Some of the weddings I attended were far cheaper to produce than I ever would have imagined, and others, off the charts expensive!

I asked my friends if they had anything they regretted spending their money on and the answers varied, but interestingly as the budgets increased so did the spending remorse! Friends at the lower budget end all said they regretted nothing – except one couple had bought too much alcohol (I don’t see the problem in that!). At the higher budget end regrets include table decorations, transport, catering, flowers and sadly, too many people wish they had paid more for a better photographer.

Being a wedding photographer I’ve seen a lot of weddings and, as a result, I have pretty strong ideas on where I would most like to invest my money. It’s not going to be to everyone’s taste, but hey, it’s my wedding. So I’ll try to present you with various options along the way. And of course there will be some mega spreadsheet action happening.

So $10,000 and under – here we come!

And if you’re totally confused by this post, head to the start of my adventure to see what I’m up to.

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