The Proposal

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I love hearing my client’s proposal stories. They’re all unique, and they all make me really happy! There’s Aaron who tried to sneak an engagement ring on his sleeping girlfriend’s finger, Dan opened the box upside down and thought he’d lost the ring, and many a bride to be rendered speechless.

So what’s my ideal proposal? There are so many gorgeous things I have seen and heard. I love a bit of theatre. This lip sync proposal is simply gorgeous;

As is this proposal at live comedy (with MUPPETS!!!);

But for me, love, the truest love, is in the day to day, the mundane. I found it all so overwhelming shopping for rings that I couldn’t keep it in (I am TERRIBLE at keeping exciting things quiet) so while I was sitting on the sofa with my cat, a glass of red and a fine pizza, I blurted it out. WILL YOU MARRY ME?

WILL I MARRY ME? After a little confusion about the fact I was proposing to myself, I said, ‘YES!’, squeaked with glee and proudly put the ring on my finger.

I waited approximately 5 seconds before instagramming and facebooking that baby. And this proposal, is exactly how I would like it to be. I don’t want to be proposed to at a sporting event/on telly/with sky writing. Just going about my normal business.

Ok so I haven’t actually bought the ring yet, but that’s how it would happen – I’d make the decision then I wouldn’t be able to wait. However you decide to propose (or are proposed to) as long as you are asking your favourite person in the whole world. Someone who helps you be the best version of yourself. Go ahead and do it!

Now onto planning the wedding.

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