The Engagement Ring – Part Two


Ice Queen Ring by Tessa Blazey

So – what do I buy and how much do I spend?

Well, I overheard a conversation many years ago, between a couple in a jewellery shop that has me believing it doesn’t matter how much you spend or if the ring has diamonds in it. Not only because the ‘tradition’ of diamond engagement rings is relatively new (see this article if you don’t believe me), but because of this couple’s story.

It wasn’t a diamonds and rubies kinda jewellers, but a semi precious stones sort of place. It was their anniversary and they were buying their seventh engagement ring. Yes, my ears perked up – WTF? SEVENTH? I don’t understand. As they told the sales assistant their story I fell a little bit in love with both of them.

When he proposed 7 years ago, he couldn’t afford a diamond ring. So he bought a cheap ring his girlfriend had noticed in a shop. When he popped the question he promised to buy her a new engagement ring every anniversary. It had become their anniversary tradition to go choose a ring, then go to dinner. She said the rings had increased in value as they had gotten older, but that she wouldn’t trade any of them for a diamond ring. With each ring she could remember stories of what had happened in that year.

So with that in mind, and a taste for the slightly off-beat, I have made a bit of a short list of rings. I was collecting pics on this Pinterest board (what on EARTH did brides do before Pinterest and the interwebs?) but these are my current faves (budget and convention be damned, these are my faves!)

Meadowlark Midnight Sapphire or Thai Garnet 3 Hexagon stone ring (from $419+), with the zig zag bands as options for wedding bands/eternity ringMeadowlark Hexagon

  • Meadowlark Cat ears ring with stones, again, either Midnight Sapphire or Thai Garnet (from $489+) with a Meadowlark plain wedding band


  • Karen Walker I saw these rings in a magazine a few years ago and promptly bought myself the one on the right. There are also versions that have a diamond in the middle of each delicate flower. Perhaps I need to upgrade?

Karen Walker


There are so many other things about rings I could tell you. So much I think I could make this whole blog about engagement rings. Instead, here’s a few sites I have found useful;

  • Buying antique rings – check out these fabulous websites, First Dibs and  Trumpet and Horn
  • Designing your own ring – I had a fabulous chat with the talented jewellers at Small Space about this. There is soooooooooooo much they know. Talk to a jeweller or designer you rate now! Allow time for things to be designed and made. Ask lots of questions, they’ll be sure to help you out.
  • Buying diamonds to be made into rings (something I had never considered!) check out Blue Nile
  • And how about some of these custom ring boxes

engagement ring boxes

Clockwise from top left – The Mrs Box (from $75), King Secret Sharer (from $120), Chalk Concrete (from $70) and Oh Dier Living (from $77)

I’m more confused than ever, and if you’re totally confused by this post, head to the start of my adventure to see what I’m up to.

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