The Engagement Ring. Part One.

engagement ring

I used to hold the belief that if you are going to ask someone to marry you, you should probably know them well enough to have chosen the engagement ring before you ask. And Kudos to those out there who have pulled this off! Because I am sooooooooo wrong.

This is HARD! There’s a lot at stake when proposing and adding the pressure of purchasing a potentially pricey piece of jewellery to that is enough to make the toughest amongst us crumble. Now that I have started looking into rings with some sort of intent, I am overwhelmed with choice and indecision. I can’t even decide what I would want – how on earth would anyone else be able to?

But then I realised that anything given to me by a loved one in the past has been cherished regardless of what it was. When given with such intent even a plastic toy ring would be treasured for years to come.

So I’ve resolved to find something that feels right and fits my budget, and trust that when given with love it will be received and cherished with love.

Like any good bride to be I’ve started some Pinterest boards. Here’s some rings I’ve been eyeballing. *you may note my tastes are not entirely traditional – more on that soon.

The ring pictured above is by Rebecca Overmann, it’s $5535 and I think it’s STUNNING!

And if you’re totally confused by this post, head to the start of my adventure to see what I’m up to.

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