So what happened to my big fake wedding?

Hey folks. I know a bunch of you were eagerly following along as I started to plan my big fake wedding then… well, there was tumbleweed. So what happened? An epiphany. As I was meeting with all of these fabulous wedding suppliers and interviewing them for blog posts, I realised that if I was getting married for real, I would actually forgo the wedding and elope. Quietly, discreetly and privately. I realised, I wouldn’t want a big wedding. It’s just not, well, me.

This of course then got me thinking about why I shoot weddings. Much agonising and plotting later, I’ve decided to jump out of weddings and into commercial work. So, while I won’t be inviting you to my big fake wedding anytime soon, I hope you’ll stick with me and follow along as I venture into the world of products, services and creative shooting. Let’s get this party started!

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