Seven Ways to get an RSVP to your Wedding Invitations

SO hopefully you have seen my previous post about Save the Dates and Invitations. Now comes the hard part. You can do a few things to make it easier for folks to RSVP but it still doesn’t guarantee they will, nor in a timely fashion.

Having many ways for folks to RSVP will be a little more work from your end, but you’re more likely to get everyone responding. And if they don’t? simply head straight to tip number seven.

Wedding RSVP

Seven Ways to get an RSVP

For those not in the know, RSVP is French – Répondez s’il vous plaît meaning “Please reply”. It does not mean – “let me know, if, you know, you can be bothered. And NO, a thumbs up on Facebook does not notify me of your attendance”. I have a truth bomb for you right now…

Your wedding may not be the most important thing in your guest’s lives at the moment

Sorry, I know that one hurt, but that’s just how it is. So here’s seven ways to get and RSVP and my killer hot tip at the bottom which works EVERY time…

1. Include self addressed and stamped RSVP card.

This is great for Grandma and the parentals (and stationery nerds like me). They will most likely add a personalised messaged and post it back immediately, but this won’t work for everyone.

2. Set up a website.

With a wedding website you can set up an RSVP form that folks simply fill in and submit – you can include meal preferences and confirmation of plus ones.

3. Send Digital Calendar Invites

Be sure to include the “is attending” button so it doesn’t automagically go into the calendar without an actual response.

4. Facebook Event

Some people are just more digital than others – perhaps your friends would be better at responding to a Facebook event page?

5. Emails

Send follow up emails – It’s likely your invitations have been received with great excitement, your friends are super keen to come, they just assume you know they’ll be there. It can’t hurt to email them and ask :)

6. Text messages

Send follow up test messages. You can see if they have been received, you can see if they have been read. It takes very little effort to respond to a text. Great for those friends who seem permanently attached to their phones.

And Finally, drum roll please…. the sure fire way to get an RSVP to your wedding, you’ll die when you hear how simple it is…. are you ready?

7. Pick up the phone.

Call your friends and loved ones and ASK them! How easy is that? Don’t sit around getting frustrated and annoyed you haven’t received all 100 RSVPs perfectly in the post. Take action! Just call your friends and ask. It’s also a great opportunity to have a natter about the wedding.

Image by Bianca Jagoe

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