Bec & Dan – Redbrow Garden Wedding Canberra

Things were looking particularly grim as I drove to this Redbrow Garden Wedding Canberra. Bec and Dan’s big day was looking grey. I’m talking BIG black clouds and heavy rain all over the place. By the time I arrived the rain had stopped but everything was pretty water logged. Family and friends were frantically reorganising the day to cater for the impending downpours, while Bec looked an absolute picture of serenity, having a cheeky drink before final preparations! But maybe she knew something we didn’t. As I snapped some pics of Dan and his many many groomsmen, (helllooooooooooooo men!), a magical transformation in the weather occurred. Black clouds parted and the sun showed us his face. Could Dan have secret Transformer powers?



One of those ladies must have had cold hands…


Mums are always the best for the final touches.


Bec and Dan chose to have their photographs before the ceremony, so to capture Dan seeing his bride for the first time I asked Bec to sneak up on him. Dan was so overwhelmed by emotion before she even made it there, I  wasn’t sure whether he’d explode when he saw Bec looking stunning in her gown. I don’t think there was a dry eye amongst the bridal party and family that were looking on either (myself included! You’d think that going to so many weddings would make me less emotional, but, well, I just love the LOVE!)






Even though he’d already seen Bec, Dan was brimming with love and emotion as she walked down the aisle with her folks, his sunglasses only coming off at the last minute to reveal a few more beautiful tears.




Bec’s engagement and wedding rings were stunning and extra special as the stones in the wedding ring came from her Grandmothers ring.




Bec and Dan you are gorgeous!

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Redbrow Garden


  • Janelle Adams

    Beautiful story and beautiful pics, Sam. I don’t even know them and I welled up! Love your photos. x

  • Jo Adams

    They are fabulous – I love the story leadup….and yes they are strangers to me – but youve captured the moment really really well x

  • Dans dad

    Samara, you have captured the wedding mood extremely well! I loved the story line and the photos are stunning.
    Still looking for a word above amazing to describe you skills
    Cheers marty moses ( dans dad)


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