Raw Element

Those of you who know me will know I’ve never been much of a “girly girl”, not to say that I am a tom boy, I just never really gelled with the whole immaculate personal appearance thing. Don’t get me wrong, I WANT to have perfect hair / make up / clothes, I just never seem to quite carry it off. I rely 100% on others to make me look half decent! So when I went to have my haircut a few months back and discovered my regular hairdresser was gone it felt a little like stepping into the void.

Luckily for me I landed safely in the hands of Sarah Donnie Mirabelli at Raw Element Salon in Carlton.  I told her I needed some serious updating and without batting an eyelid, she boldly chopped a fringe into my straggly hair. We chatted non stop the whole time she was cutting, found we had both lived in London for a while and had an affection for brightly coloured nail polish and in no time I was transformed. I bounced out of the salon and have had nothing but a string of compliments since.

So when Sarah asked me if I’d shoot a test shoot with her I jumped at the chance. We rounded up some amazing models and got to work on a Sunday in the salon. And here are the results…

Sarah WON second place in the Senior Ladies Catwalk division at the IHS Competition on Monday 4th July with one of the styles she was trialling at the shoot.

Well done Sarah I am so proud of you!

Raw Element3

Raw Element2

Model: Rhiannon from Scene. Hair : Sarah Donnie Mirabelli from Raw Element

Raw Element4

Raw Element6

Raw Element1

Model: Poet from Scene. Hair : Sarah Donnie Mirabelli from Raw Element

Katie Barrow from Raw Element created these two AMAZING styles with our model Alana.

Raw Element5

Raw Element

Model: Alana from Camerons. Hair : Katie Barrow from Raw Element. All Make up: Brogan Smith

It was great working with you all ladies – and folks if you need a new ‘do…. Raw Element is the place to go….They are award winners! (and really nice people too)



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