Hérr Blick Melbourne

Hérr Blick Melbourne is a hairdressing salon for the design aesthete. Based in Northcote, the minimalist salon design will soothe while you are styled. Or as Three Thousand put it,

“You feel like James friggin’ Bond or Elizabeth Taylor, reclining in a fully automated TAKARA BELMONT chair, Japanese lager in hand, receiving a complete servicing of the follicular and lingual variety…. The new salon is spacious and sparsely furnished, with a minimal and slightly industrial aesthetic that’s accented by wooden panelling dividing the room. This ensures each customer has their own private space, where Steven – or one of his equally talented staff – will spend time discussing a hair style that will both suit you and be maintainable, with a no guff approach (there’ll be zip in terms of inane chit-chat, or dog eared copies of New Weekly here).”

Hérr Blick Melbourne is also featured on Habitus Living.