East Gippsland Wedding

The East Gippsland Wedding of Emma and Benny was going to be a cracker. I could feel it! On possibly the most perfect Summer’s day Victoria has ever seen, Emma and Benny tied the knot then celebrated in the garden of Emma’s parents.

Thorpdale is potato country (they even have a potato festival!) But it is beautiful out there. From the top of the hill, Thorpdale looks out across mini hills and valleys and endless blue sky.

Emma and Benny were introduced to each other at a costume party. Benny in full chicken suit, Emma in full catsuit. They hit it off immediately, and before the night was through, Emma and Benny had swapped costumes! From those few sentences alone I hope you have gathered just how much fun these two are, and what a great partnership. I fell for them instantly. They are warm, welcoming and have a wicked sense of humour (it’s not often I have to tell my brides to stop photobombing).