Down by the River

“Let’s take our photos down by the river”. Oh my goodness, YES!

There are so many beautiful places to photograph in Perth and the weather is ridiculously reliable, but being on the banks of the Swan in the sunshine makes me incredibly nostalgic. A Perth girl born and bred, there will always be a special place in my heart for the Swan River. And the same for this family who spend a lot of their time down there.

We met up for a fun play date on the sand, in glorious sunshine. Even Scrappy-Doo the ageing family dog, or Dooey as everyone calls him, had a play and got in on the photo action. Well, more like photo bombed, but you know. We dug a few holes, made a few sandcastles and pretended to throw a few kids in the water.

All in all, having portraits down by the river was a whole lotta fun.