Planning a wedding – where do I start?

I never thought I’d be planning a wedding. I was never the little girl that dreamed of her big wedding day. I didn’t ever really have the whole princess fantasy, tiaras and fancy ball gowns (and, for the record I never went through the horse–obsessed thing either). And the whole ring, dress, ceremony scenario? Can I do that? I don’t want to walk down the aisle in front of all of those people. I’d feel weird. But, the actual purpose of a wedding, is to be married. Yeah I want that!

So what are the parts of a wedding that have to happen and why? Obviously you need to fulfil a few legal requirements but these are surprisingly few. The rest – the party, that’s all icing on the wedding cake. But it seems like such a lot of icing – it’s all a bit overwhelming. So I’m going to get planning.

Cake by Miss Ladybird Cakes
Cake by Miss Ladybird Cakes

There are so many tools to help organise your wedding plans, here are a few I’ve been looking into.

Pinterest OF COURSE! For all of your visual inspiration. I have been saving images and using it as a bit of a research tool. Be careful though, not to get too caught up in the fantasy of your Pinterest images. I have pinned plenty of pics of gorgeous thin models in wedding dresses, but I am no twig. Keep reminding yourself this is inspiration not reality!

Planning Organisers I’m a little old school and love a bit of stationery. These folders from Kiki K are right up my alley. Great for organising information gathered when out and about (or from bridal fairs if you dare to venture into one!!)


Planning apps There are as many Wedding planning apps and websites as there are Pinterest boards about weddings. Dive in and see what suits you. Wedding Happy looks pretty good, so I’ve downloaded that for now – I’ll update you as to how I like it as I go. If you’re a little less tech savvy, a good old spreadsheet can work wonders too.

And if all of this is too overwhelming, why not outsource it to someone else. There are plenty of wedding planning services out there with all levels of service. There are people who will manage EVERYTHING or services just for the styling side of things. Some of my favourite locals are the Style Co, they make beautiful events :)

So here I go. I need to figure out a budget and a guest list before any of the real planning work can start. Wish me luck!

If you’re totally confused by this post, head to the start of my adventure to see what I’m up to.

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