Pinterest – a bride’s best friend and a vendor’s nemesis.

Pinterest - a bride's best friend
 Pinterest – a bride’s best friend and vendor’s nemesis.


An Ode to Pinterest .

Pinterest, oh how I love you. But alas, how I despise you! You tantalise with images and inspiration, you organise my thoughts and desires.You share generously of others hard won diamonds found in the dark corners of the interwebs.

Pinterest I Love You.

But oh how you tease me. Oh how you raise my expectations. Despite your best intentions you build me up, only to have me tumble from great heights.


“What the hell are you talking about Samara? I love Pinterest.”


And so do I peeps, so do I. Check out my Pinterest account to see how I’ve been loving it like any prospective Bride. I’m able to gather inspiration images and organise them logically while I think about all of the fun decisions I have to make for my big fake wedding.

But that’s where the love affair ends. When popping together wedding Pinterest boards you need to keep in mind it is inspiration. Not what you can afford/will look like in that dress/can make out of 1000 paper doilies and a glue gun. IN-SPIR-A-TION. Take for example my Wedding Frocks Board. Beautiful dresses on beautiful ladies. But I know that I am not a 7 foot tall lady weighing 45kg, with a spare $20k to drop on a frock. But this is my inspiration board.

Pinterest - a bride's best friend

DIY Pinterest

If you want to DIY, Pinterest has you covered. But remember, you don’t know who has really made these DIY posts, they could be highly experienced folk, they could be using much more expensive materials than they’re letting on. Really think about your abilities, budget and time constraints when embarking on a DIY project as discovered on Pinterest. And if you’re not sure what I’m talking about, google “Pinterest Fails” for a giggle. Make sure you have a practice of said DIY before fully committing for the wedding.

Vendors and Pinterest

As a photographer, Pinterest can be great for getting a vibe from a couple of what it is they like. However, we are creative bunnies and being asked to simply replicate a bunch of shots that have been gathered on Pinterest is somewhat soul destroying. And sometimes they’re a great departure from the style that we shoot. This applies to a lot of wedding vendors. You’ll be best off finding a vendor whose work most closely resembles your vision than trying to find any old person and asking them to fit to your vision. What you want might be outside of their skills and experience.

Pinterest Weddings are all starting to look the same

Make sure you search outside of Pinterest to add inspiration to your boards. When searching within Pinterest you are simply looking at the same resources as everyone else. Draw inspiration from places outside of the wedding universe. Don’t believe me? Read this Huffington Post Article and see if any of it sounds familiar.

And if you’re totally confused by this blog post – go back to the beginning of my journey, here.



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