You can blame my mum for bringing me up on a diet of musicals if you like, but I am a self confessed Musical-holic. I love an impromptu dance number, an angsty love triangle and oh my, how I love the uplifting feel good tune at the end of the show. While plugging away in everyday situations I daydream of the people around me bursting into song and perfectly choreographed dance routines.  I’d casually join in with the high kicks and take the lead vocal, the dashing male lead sweeping me off my feet (wouldn’t going to the bank be exciting if that happened?). Sadly what I have in enthusiam I lack in any ability to sing. And dancing, well, having two left feet is only half the problem as I still have trouble telling my left from my right.

I am swept away by musical performances, and I get goosebumps when I hear great singing. So picture me, sitting like a plucked chicken in the audience when I watched the recent perfomance of Oklahoma by students from Melbourne High and Mac Robertson Girl’s.  I recently took these production stills for them, and really enjoyed working with them and the enthusiasm they all have. But was totally blown away by the actual performance.

A huge congratulations to everyone involved, it was a performance to rival many professional productions (and oh, and I’ve seen quite a few!).

Watch out world, here come Australia’s future stars.

Henry Hammersla as Curly, Sarah Brown as Laurey

Elizabeth Howells as Ado Annie

Elizabeth Howells as Ado Annie, Aleksa Kurbalija as Will Parker

Kelly McInnes-Smith as Aunt Eller, Hamish Patrick as Jud Fry

Kade NEale as Andre Carnes, Joe Melling as Ali Hakim


Cowfolk, just hanging around.


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