A Melbourne City Engagement, Karen & Dale




A very Melbourne City Engagement session! Karen and Dale used to work together…well, between their outrageous flirting with one another. Their colleagues even told them off. They’ve been together for 2 years now and Dale has a new job in Canberra so the office flirting has gone. But the marriage is ON!

Dale proposed to during Karen the week of her birthday. She was tired from rounds of birthday celebrations with family and friends, so when she came home and couldn’t find her keys in her bag, she rang the doorbell. SHE WASN”T SUPPOSED TO RING THE DOORBELL!!!

Karen was supposed to let herself in and see that Dale had lined the hallway with candles and set up a picnic in the living room. Just for her. Not a birthday picnic. A proposal picnic. But Karen rang the doorbell. I can imagine Dale’s shoulder’s slumping at the sound of the bell and Karen’s confused look when she saw what was happening. And if you’ve ever met these kids, you can also imagine the beaming smiles from both of them at the actual proposal.

Karen will be joining Dale in Canberra in a few months time, so I squeezed in this engagement session while Dale was in town. We scooted around some favourite Melbourne spots for their shoot (right after they’d had high tea at the Windsor of course), and look how hot these two are.





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