Lissie + Adrian (+ Lenni) = Love, a Melbourne Engagement


A beautiful Melbourne Engagement, despite the fact that Adrian had planned to propose to Lissie on a trip to China. It seems his excitement got the better of him. In a moment of passion he decided he was just going to do it. NOW! And so, while Lissie and Adrian both had stonking hangovers, and Lissie was wearing her shorts and tank top, Adrian proposed. They stared at each other in silence for a while, both crying, before Lissie realised she hadn’t actually said yes! (spoiler alert…. – she said YES!)

I had arranged to meet Adrian, Lissie and their gorgeous dog Lenni in the car park before our shoot, but as they drove up in Adrian’s small, low, two seater sporty number, I wasn’t sure how they all would have fit in the car. As if by magic, out they all popped (Adrian is your car a tardis?), the perfect, good looking trio. Lissie told me she was nervous for our shoot, but  I really couldn’t tell. She was a pro. And look at those pearly whites! Lissie had trouble NOT smiling when I asked her. Adrian was a natural too, he pulled out the moves and does the best bored fashion model face I’ve ever seen. And as for Lenni, well, it was all in a days work for her.

How cute are they? I think a little bit of the love might have rubbed off on me.



oh stop it!



Look at the way they grip each other. PHWOAR!


And the way Lissie looks at Adrian. Oh, and Lenni, totally stealing the show.


Big shout out to Helene who assisted me and was Chief Puppy Wrangler for the afternoon.


  • Lauren

    Hi Samara,
    Adrian sent me this link when I posted on facebook that I was looking for a wedding photographer, do u have some info you could send my way re-packages etc the wedding is in Jan and the pics of Lissie and Adrian are so great (ofcourse it helps when they are both amazingly gorgeous! ;)
    Look forward to hearing from u,
    Kind regards


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