It was a dark and stormy night….

It was a dark and stormy night…. wait, no. HELL NO! We are talking about Brightly here, let me start again…

Melbourne duo Brightly (Charlie Gleason and Nic Lam) and I have worked together before. When I first heard their band name I immediately asked, “Can I throw fluorescent pink paint at you?”. I hadn’t even heard their music, nor had any idea of what they are like as people. And to my astonishment, Charlie replied immediately, “Oh my god YES!”. HELLO. These are people I want to work with! And so it came to pass…

…it was a blazing hot Sunday. White Shirts were beautifully pressed. They boys were neat and tidy. The paint purchased in large quantities and ready to roll, Balloons filled with glitter or powder paint, crying out to be popped. It was time to blow some shit up! Well, get messy anyways.


Having never really done this before, and not being given any artistic restraints (these guys are no Divas) I didn’t really know how far I could push this friendship. So I supplied some safety goggles for the lads, but I forgot to give them to the boys until after this shot…. Sorry Nic. This is one of my faves though, you kinda look likeyou are playing the invisible keys….

So, goggles donned, we proceeded. Much safer, much more scientific…

Almost a little Dr Bunsen Honey Dew and Beaker….

Then I got out the big guns. Enter Polly and Ian. They had the BEST job all day. “Please throw this paint at Brightly. Yes, aim for their heads…”

And they were both pretty good shots! Nic was cheeky enough to tell Polly she had missed him, I don’t think he really thought that through.

Oh and the paint was pretty cold.


At this stage of the day it was time for a hose down in the alley way, another beer and a paddlepop. PHEW!

You should check out Brightly boys, they are AMAZING. And more to the point, you should buy their recently released DOUBLE A side (Thats right folks DOUBLE), “We Were in Tokyo & Then We Woke Up”. You can buy it here which is super exciting, and if you missed out on the actual CD release, fear not, the download comes with the liner notes featuring these pics. OH YEAH….


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