How to pin a buttonhole

You might be surprised to hear the extra things I often get asked to do at weddings besides the photography. And of course I am happy to help out where ever needed, but this is a very common request. The groom and all the boys will be in the final stages of getting ready, when they realise, no one knows how to pin a buttonhole! I called on the wonderful folks over at North St Botanical to show us how and save all that wedding day fumbling. Huzzah!

Step One: Start with a hot man in a suit (PHWOAR!!!!)

button hole

Step Two: Find the sweet spot visually on the lapel. Men’s usually go on the left hand lapel, flower facing up! (ladies on the right facing down – depending on the style of arrangement)


Step Three: holding the buttonhole in place, flip the lapel open. Push the pin through the fabric, then the stem of the button hole, then the fabric again.


Step Four: Flip the lapel back into place again. Ta-daaaaaa!


Groom not wearing a jacket? No problem! The process is the same whether you are pinning on a waistcoat, shirt or suspenders.

How to pin a buttonhole

And of course, you should jump on over to my page of featured weddings if you’re looking for a Wedding Photographer Melbourne to photograph you pinning on your buttonholes!

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