how large is your swear vocabulary?

I discovered last night that my swear vocabulary is quite large. And surprisingly creative when pushed. Now those of you that know me will be laughing at this statement (and wondering why I am yet to receieve an official diagnosis of tourettes), but you haven’t heard anything until you’ve seen me try to photograph still lifes.

The test?  Shoot glass, on white with silver jewellery dangling from it. I was shooting some great pieces made by Jess Bojczuk prior to her taking them off to be exhibited in Adelaide, and I got this crazy idea to shoot them on glass. Why? I don’t know. Have I done it before? No. Did that stop me? No.

Did I learn to swear creatively at the top of my lungs at inanimate objects? YES!

Did I learn anything else? Loads and loads and loads. Patience, lighting, swearing, dropping things, breaking things, composing shots, what I am good at and what I am terrible at. How dirty my sensor and lenses are. While the shots are not perfect I am pretty happy with my progress.

So next time Jess comes a calling I will be armed with a whole lot more knowledge and do an even better job, Although I might hire a stylist so that they can swear at the objects!


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