my fifteen minutes

My fifteen minutes of fame hasn’t really come in the way that I thought. So a few of you have asked me about my recent foray into the world of International Ukulele Stardom. So here it is (apologies for those of you who have been bombarded with this already).

I really wanted to learn the ukulele and there’s nothing like a public challenge to get the job done. My colleagues at Igloo (eskimos) challenged me to learn a song in a week and they wanted to publish the results for the world to see. I had four evenings to go from zero to hero. Who would have thought learning 3 chords would be so hard? Somehow I managed to pull it off. When I had to prove I had learnt a whole song, I was overwhelmed to find that an entire backing band had been assembled to support me.

It was amazing. I felt like such a rock star and all warm and fuzzy. So here it is. You can check out the behind the scenes shots and the back story on the gloo.

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