Donna, Do You Wanna?



Donna is an extremely talented print designer, illustrator and maker of all things fabulous.

Working with other creative folk is always a blast. The ideas come thick and fast and it never feels like work. And this is exactly what working with Donna is like.

We shot this portrait for Donna’s sparkly new website this week and had ball. I’m pretty sure we would have sounded like two old ducks nattering away while we laid out the tools of her trade. And Donna fed me coffee and chocolate eclairs whilst we we worked.

The new website is coming soon, but in the mean time you can check out her Tumblr page, Donna Do You Wanna Draw. The illustrations are, she tells me, ‘The consequence, of idle time’, which should go a long way to telling you what her work is like when she is being a busy bee.

You should work with her at all available opportunities, she’s ace (and if you are really good she’ll make you a coffee).

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