Destination Weddings and Elopements

So I totally lied in my previous posts about Four Types of Wedding Venues. I forgot there are two other types of wedding venues that are very obvious and very real options. Destination Weddings and Elopements.

Destination Weddings

Destination Wedding

Hellooooooooooooo tropical island. If money was no issue I’d be off in a shot to some glorious beach destination. And if money was really no issue I’d fly you all there with me on my private jet. But, hey, lets be real for a moment. A destination wedding can simply be anywhere that’s not here (add to the four venue types I listed previously, “Tropical beach/forrest/foreign country”).

Destination weddings can be a BLAST! I spent many years flying to friends weddings and it was like having extended holidays with all your good mates in great places. I’ve been to countries for the first time and made international friends at destination weddings.

By far the hardest part about this organising a destination wedding is doing it all from afar. Finding and trusting suppliers without first hand experience of their services can be difficult – but not impossible. And the internet is an incredible gem in this respect.

Pros; you get a wedding and holiday all in one, it often knocks out a lot of guests due to travel costs/timing (this can also be a con), you can have a wedding very different to your friends, you can have a wedding very personal to you as a couple – in a place that is dear to you.

Cons; organising from a distance can be difficult, there may be language barriers, it often knocks out a lot of guests dues to travel costs/timing, you need to give your guests a LOT of notice to be able to attend.Legalities of paperwork – be sure and check the service you are holding in a foreign country is legally binding and what you might need to do to transfer that information when you are home again.


Destination Wedding

I have to be honest, this is looking like a remarkably good option to me. The further I delve into this wedding planning malarky the more I want to run away! Interestingly I’ve discovered pretty quickly what I like and don’t like, and more importantly what my values are around marriage. I’m finding the whole process very overwhelming and would love to run away and elope.

A little like a destination wedding, you can go anywhere for an elopement. As long as you have a celebrant, your partner and a witness or two you are all set. But do note – you can’t just run away together – there is a minimum period of time from notifying your celebrant of your intention to get married to the date of the actual ceremony of one month.There are even services like The Elopement Collective who will help you organise all you need.

Pros; Cuts out the planning stress, save money! Get married wherever, and whenever.

Cons; It can offend some more traditional family members, you don’t get to party on with your besties.

But for me, I’ve decided on a wedding in the city. I’ve picked a date, now I just have to get my skates on to pull it all together.

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