City Engagement – Sharon & Chris

city engagement

 When your fiancé is a wedding planner, you can guarantee there will be lots of talk about your upcoming nuptials. Lots and lots and lots. To safeguard his life from being completely taken over by weddings, Chris recently gave Sharon vouchers for fifty hours worth of wedding talk.


Sounds great right? Fifty hours is a lot. You could talk about all of the details. ALL. OF. THE. DETAILS! But he has rules. I can’t quite remember them, they were tricksy.

Meet Chris and Sharon (of Wedding Day PA). We spent a fun afternoon hanging out in the city talking all things wedding and engagement. Chris’s brain was probably about to burst as Sharon and I swapped tales. And I don’t think our wittering away was counted as one of his voucher hours! Bonus.



But I’ve painted Chris as someone not interested in weddings. And I think I’ve been a little unfair. This man, after all, organised a full day of Amazing Race style treasure hunt for Sharon, just so he could propose to her. And propose he did—with a beautiful yellow diamond ring. He is super romantic and thoughtful, funny, fun, cute, but sorry ladies – he’s taken now!






City Engagement

City Engagement


I’m looking forward to hearing all of their wedding plans and how Chris’s fifty hours pan out.

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