Colours of Brazil

As the Olympics comes to a close I want to share some more Brazilian goodness with you. Check out these rad leggings from my recent collaboration with

Prana Chai and Plan Buy Cook

A super sweet collaboration between Prana Chai and

Food Photography Glorious Food Photography!

I'm used to photographing people, they move and interact with you. I thought food photography might be out of my comfort zone. But I was soooooo wrong! In the last year I have been asked to do a fair bit of food photography and I've really enjoyed it.

Oh My Goodness Spring!

Have you met Oh My Goodness? It's a wonderful website full of healthy living awesomeness.

Sugar & Spice

The grand opening of Miss Ladybird Cakes was where the cool kids were hanging last night. Don't panic if you didn't get a chance to make it.