Brightly are a Melbourne based indie pop band that have a really big crush on you. And its pretty safe to say I have a really big crush on them too. Soon to release their debut EP, Brightly (Charlie Gleason and Nic Lam) live up to their name in every possible way.

We trotted down to the creek to take some shots on a not-so-brightly day and I, well, I made them get in the creek. It looks pretty, but its pretty slimey on the bottom. I had borrowed some waders so I was totally ok with getting in. But they did too, quite happily. Then I said, “Why don’t you put on this scary Donnie-Darko-esque bunny mask?” and they did.

Then Charlie said, “Why don’t we put on my icelandic balnkets?”. So who was I to say no? (PS the blankets are amazing – check the rest of them out. I particularly like the baby seal pelt – not as bad as it sounds, and the Twosome blanket, kind of a slanket for two!).

The glorious Polly (a Brightly plus one, but no less shiny) came to help us out on the day and took these snaps of us in the water.

I am ALL class. Keep your eyes on the Brightly prize here.

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