Bling! (and channelling Star Wars)

Check out this fantastic jewellery designed and hand crafted by the amazing Jess Bojczuk.

I was taking some snaps of these for her folio and realised that I had made them look a bit like they were floating in space, like giant satellites, then I got to thinking about some light painting I wanted to have a play with.

Then it all got a bit Star Wars. The lights reminding me of light sabres. But I kinda like it. The only thing missing is Darth Vader’s heavy breathing and and some explosion sounds.

But enough about my shots, how cool are the rings? I particularly love the top one and it’s really comfy to wear too (yes, I try on all of the things I photograph!). Jess has an eye for strong shapes and top notch skills to construct these beautiful pieces.  You should commission her to make you something fab. Or as Yoda might say, “this is the jeweller you seek (Jess Bojczuk), call her you will. Use the force!”

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