Beach Loving Byron


Hey kids! So you will have noticed I’ve been on holidays recently in Queensland and Byron Bay. While I was in Byron it took a lot of energy to tear myself away from the beach, my book (Lady Chatterly’s Lover – oh er!) and drinking pear cider, but I did. For one afternoon only. And all I managed was to take some photos!

But before you hate me, I’ve developed an awesome case of man flu since I’ve been back which I’m SURE makes up for the relaxing times while I was away. The beach was quite amazing in Byron, with a deep area of compact wet shiny sand before the rolling waves. This patch was as smooth as glass and made beautiful reflections, so much so that I have turned the top picture upside down (see the tiny people in the bottom left corner?). I really wanted to play with the pictures and the reflections but was on my own. I’ll go back though – I’ll let you all know when I need models.

Anyhoo, I’ve been trying out some things with Facebook this evening and need to test them out so here are some shots from Byron Bay for you to look at while I do some techy like things in the background. Enjoy.




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