Back to the Future

I love Dizzee Rascal, and I was about to shoot him at the Future Music Festival, but I knew it was too good to be true.

FMF is at the end of Summer and the day started out HOT, SUNNY, HOT. Awesome, it would be a great day for some music with the kids. But I forgot, I live in Melbourne, where, well you all know it, “Four Seasons in One Day” is often an understatement. And I should have been prepared for rain, hail and shine. Here is the before shot of the crowd:

Then it rained.

And rained. And rained.

But the show must go on! So with the help from some back stage crew, a few McGuyver stylee improvised garbage bags on camera equipment and a little bit of taking refuge under the stage, we soldiered on.

The presets rocked the blue tarp look.

Art vs Science certainly didn’t let the rain dampen their spirits.

Tame Impala


Mr Mark Ronson (that windswept look was totally natural – note the horizontal rain!)

but of course Dizzee was the highlight for me, with his gold microphone he jumped around the stage and whipped the crowd into a dancing frenzy to keep them warm.

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