Private Life, The Forum 27th Feb 2013

a funny thing happened on the way to the forum….

I was actually waiting out the front of the Forum with a couple of photographers, getting ready to shoot Garbage, when I ran into a couple of friends Nick and Josh. I thought that was a happy surprise, and we quickly said our hellos as we passed each other – I assumed they were off to meet friends to see the show.

I went in earlier than I usually do to shoot the support band, when I discovered it was Private Life – oh, that’s cool I’ve heard their music before and Nick knows them – oh that’s probably an extra reason why they are here.

The lights dimmed my camera was up to my eye…then BANG! Nick and Josh are on the stage. Well Derrrrrrrr!  All this time I had never made the connection. Nick and Josh don’t just know the Private Life kids, they play with the Private Life kids! Amaze. High fives peeps and great show. If you dont know Private life you should totally check them out and get along to a gig…

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