3 Things to Know Before Booking a Wedding Venue


The art of wedding Zen is to “bend like a reed, grasshopper”. Thankfully I don’t have a preconceived notion of what my wedding looks like so this is easier for me than for others. I’m discovering how a wedding stops being about the couple and starts being about everyone else the second you announce your engagement. And just how hard this wedding planning shiz iz. Or rather, just how many decisions need to be made.

Like the venue. The biggest, most expensive portion of most weddings which will dictate so many other parts of the big day.

I’ve been nutting out venues in my head for a while and have still only visited one. But what I learned in that one visit is invaluable. So grasshopper, let me impart some wisdom…


I went to see the fab folk at Collins Quarter for a meeting about my Big Fake Wedding, and they were super helpful. Most venues will offer up information in your initial contact such as “we can seat XX people and have a minimum spend of XX” So pin down your guesstimate of guest numbers (see what I did there?) and budget and you’ll save time on venue visits by targeting the best ones for you.

3 Things That Are Good To Know Before Contacting Venues

  1. Number of guests (75-100 for me)
  2. Rough date you are keen on (end of May/Early June – I’m flexible on this)
  3. Rough idea of your budget (well, as mentioned in my previous post I’m trying for $10k all in, which is a low budget so lets say $5k on the venue? For now…)

Venue visits are fun!  Depending on the type of venue you are going for, a visit will include a tour of the space, discussions on food, drinks, ceremonies, decoration and most of all you get to imagine your wedding day! WOOOOOOOOT!

Things to ask when meeting with venues.

SO MANY THINGS! I can’t even give you a top 3, so in the coming blog posts I will outline different things to think about across different venue types, with helpful downloadable PDF checklists.

But for now, the one biggest thing I learned at Collins Quarter TAKE THE ADVICE OF THE PROFESSIONALS. This is their wheelhouse. Day in, day out – events. They have it down to a fine art. Listen when they advise about food, decoration, timings, or weather contingency. Emma at Collins Quarter gave me tips on invitation wording to set your guest’s expectations around the food and drink. Something I never would have thought of (but have fallen victim to becoming HANGRY because I didn’t understand the invitation correctly).

Emma also offered suggestions to fit my budget and taste, along with ways in which I could organise my day to minimise stress and maximise awesomeness.


Stay tuned for my next wedding venue post where I will weigh up – the pros and cons of different styles of wedding venue. I’ll include a PDF reminder list of things to consider when looking at venues. You can follow along my misadventure by using the follow button down there on the right.

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