I ♥ Old Wedding Photos


So I mentioned that I have a bit of a thing for old wedding photos, and in seeking them out to write this, I have discovered that “thing” is becoming a bit of a collection! I’m not sure when it started, but I first bought a few at an antique stall at a market in London. They had boxes of pictures as well as whole albums. Full. Of someone’s life. It used to make me sad. I love photographs so much, they can hold so much meaning and memory for me that I couldn’t understand how these had been left for antique dealers to salvage and sell on. For me its a little bit like breaking a branch off the family tree.

But I also found them complete treasure troves, I could rummage through the boxes for hours. (Don’t invite me to meet your family; when your Mum gets out the baby pictures, you won’t tear me away). And the albums are intriguing and exciting mysteries. Who are they? Where were they? What exciting adventures were they embarking on?  This one has a simple title on the back “The Wedding Party”.

If you see any old pictures in a market, please give them a good home. If you can’t, send them to me. I will love them for you.

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